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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

A Drabble/Drawble Community

Studio 60 Drabble Community
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Welcome to the Studio 60 Drabble community!

The Rules
1. There is no limit to the pairings that can be used in the community. Be it gen or any number of pairings. Be creative and have fun. Remember, this is about Studio 60. Anything else will be deleted by the moderators. As far as crossovers go, we will accept them. But anything straight Studio 60 is love.

2. Drawbles are also acceptable. Drawbles are pieces of art (no matter what the medium) created in under 20 minutes. Usually they're created in 10-20 minutes.

3. There is no limit to ratings allowed. However, anything of an R or NC-17 rating must be under an lj-cut with the appropriate warnings. Anything else that's rather squicky must also be under an lj-cut and bear warnings.

4. There also is no limit to the number of drabbles or drawbles allowed for each week. However, if your entry contains multiple drabbles/drawbles, any works after the first must be under an LJ-Cut. Save our f-lists, we ask. :)

5. Please use the following heading for all Drabbles/Drawbles:
Word Count: (should be 100 or less. A couple words over 100 is acceptable. Just nothing over 120)
Author's Notes:

6. Please post ONLY for the current challenge. A new challenge will be posted once a week, most likely on Tuesday following the new episode.

7. Be kind. There is to be no flaming of any sort. Het, Slash, Threesomes, Moresomes or Gen is welcome here. Fair warning.

8. No, you don't have to be a member to post every week. Post as often as you like or as the spirit moves you.

Other Information
All drabbles/drawbles will be memoried by your username. Tags will become available after your first post. Please post tags with your username and drabble or drawble.

Have a challenge suggestion? Let us know!

Community is moderated by thescarletwoman and rose_whispers