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Title: Lie To Me Author: Ceri (nobodysomeday) Rating: G…

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A/W heat // by redhel
Title: Lie To Me
Author: Ceri (nobodysomeday)
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Matt/Harriet
Challenge: 1 - Party
Word Count: 120
Author's Notes: Set after The Wrap Party. My first attempt at S60 fiction of any kind.

He's wandering the halls when he finds her; she's sat, beer bottle in hand, in her dressing room. She has a look on her face that he can't quite decipher – something like disappointment, but also relief.

"Ms Hayes."

She doesn't look up as he plops down onto the couch next to her. "Matthew."

Silence is not unusual for him, but most of the time it spells writer's block. Now there's no script and all he can think about is the near-miss while Sting serenaded them.

"Enjoy the party?" She finally tilts her face towards him, her words soft, barely audible against the memories racing through his mind.

“Yeah,” he manages to reply. "You?"

Hardly a smile – just a nod. "Yeah."

  • I feel so unhappy about all the crap fic around, and the showing ending and pressure from everyone to write and it's all too much. It's performance issues.
    • Well, I hear you on the crappy fic thing, but don't let the other things get you down. Especially not pressure to write. I find drabbles are helping me, actually, with the pressure of having to start my novel. Maybe try drabbling for a different fandom, step away from S60 characters for a while, get a fresh perspective.
  • Yep, what she said!
  • Nope. I am done.
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